How to sell domain


The fastest way to sell your domain name

Two Ways to sell your domain name :

1. The first one Waiting !

Waiting for the buyer , end user !  but how long do you need to wait ?  nobody knows , If you’re lucky , maybe one year , or two years ,  and three years or five years is normal ,  if you are so patient , you can wait for ten years , if you are unlucky , even if you wait for ten years , the buyer does not come , so I think this is not good way !

2. The second one :  Initiative Sell !

Who will buy your domain name ?   Two kinds  : end user and trader  ;

You can look for the potential end users for your domain name ,  and then contact one by one , try to persuade them to use it , if you are lucky , maybe you can meet one or two who has interest ,  in this case , normally the offer is lower than your target one  , can not match the real value of your domain .

And if you’d like to sell your domain at a reasonable price fast , or you can sell it easily when you want to sell , here is the fastest way  :  Sell to trader :

Domain traders , espcial active traders , are keeping looking for the valuable domains and try to get , of course , they are also keeping selling their domains , they know the value of your domain very well , if they really like, normally , they can provide a reasonable price . But the most important is you need to find the traders who are interested in your domain , and how to find ? 

In fact , this issue is  Probability :

If you introduce your domain to 10 active traders , it is very hard to find one ;

If you introduce to 100 active traders , it is possible ;

If you introduce to 1000 active traders, it is certain , it is easy to find one among 1000. In fact , you only need one , it is enough .

If you introduce your domain to over 1000 active traders ,  the feedback is very useful for you ;

If nobody likes it ,  maybe your domain is not popular for most people .

If most traders like it , congratulations !  you can sell it easily at a good price .

From the feedback , you can know the current market price ,  if your target price is reasonable , you just need one trader who like it , one is enough , so you can sell it easily .

And the most important is how to abtain over 1000 active traders  ? 

Here we can help you :

We have over 1500 active traders with the detailed contact information , including : Email , Name , telephone number , Country , one domain (for your verifying) ,  all information are correct , and verified by us ,  we collect every active trader’s contact information by hand , one by one ,  and make sure all are active for now . Here is sample data :

Email: info@ray**
Name: Ma*cus
Domain: cl*
Tel: +49.89260188**
Country: DE

Email: mir**
Name: Mir* *old
Domain: fd*.com
Tel: +1.612352936*
Country: US

Email: 518*
Name: L*n Yan*in
Domain: fix*.com
Tel: +86.158889988**
Country: CN
Maybe you think it is very hard to contact so many traders ,  don’t worry , we have the whole solutions , we have a software that can send email to each trader automatically , it is very easy and fast .

If you need , you can Email to us  :   , .

And then you can sell your domain names quickly and easily when you want to sell . 

If you have good solutions for selling domain , welcome to share with me , Thank you in advance .    
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